Automation of travel agency: why to have a CRM system

What is represented by the CRM system and is it necessary for your company? The travel CRM assumes that we not just are hostages of accidentally developed communications with the client, and we send the relations to the course necessary to us.

In other words, we purposefully build a business so that to us came and only those clients who are most profitable were served. The word “management” is a key to the answer to a question of the need of implementation of CRM. If you don’t want to know who your clients from where they come why buy and weather will come next time, then CRM is definitely not necessary for you.

If you wish that clients returned to you again and again (and it assumes management of development of the relations), then you are obliged to build a company performance so that the client not only derived a maximum of pleasure from purchase of services in your company but also didn’t forget about you in intervals between emergence of desire to use the services of your travel agency.

To choose clients and the relations


Pleasure and quality — concepts exclusively subjective. It isn’t important that we think of the quality level of our services, it is important how the buyer thinks of it. It is possible to distinguish two categories of clients which are cardinally differing among themselves from them: seekers of minimum price and judges of time:
Seekers of minimum price are the majority. Such clients are ready to spend a lot of time to study various offers and as a result to receive a minimum possible price from any travel agency for what for themselves will be counted as quality. If subsequently, the idea of the quality of the received services doesn’t match with expected, they will row, require compensation and with guarantee won’t come next time. If receive high-quality service, it is, all the same, won’t stop them in the future from a search for a cheaper option though at first, they will address you.

For judges of time, it is important to receive necessary service with the minimum costs of own time and forces, the price for them is not in a priority. Such tourists attach significance to accuracy and timeliness of obligation fulfillment, but most of all — readiness of the operator to save them from excess efforts at a stage both the choice and rest. It is natural that it is a little similar client, but they are inclined is long to cooperate with those who didn’t bring them. However, if judges of time face misunderstanding of their value system they leave forever.
And that is why you need CRM for a travel agency – there is no way you can manage these types of clients without it.