Improving the safety of the cryptocurrency with

The cryptocurrency is the system that is famous because of it high anonymity and, at the same time, transparency. The system protects users and has many advantages. Moreover, there is an option to increase the anonymity using the special service However, there are some rules.


What is the dangerousness in the system?

Users in the system of the cryptocurrency meet several risks. Investing in cryptocurrency, especially in altcoins, is always dangerous. If classical assets always have some prospects for a prolonged drop or long growth, then they practically do not have a cryptocurrency. There are some other risks you should always keep in mind:

  • Fraudulent actions
  • Dependence on external events
  • Regulators
  • Commissions
  • Volatility.

Fraudulent actions and how to protect yourself

If there is some dirty game at Wall Street, then the Securities Commission punishes the guilty. In the cryptocurrency market, there is no such system. The reason is simple – there is no control at all here. Therefore, a scheme of “pump and dump” become already indecently frequent. Moreover, this scheme is worked out at all levels. Equally unpleasant is to lose money in both cases.

To protect yourself here it is important to stay focused and learn the rules of the system. It is important to be aware of all the news and develop the strategy. Using the service helps to improve the anonymity and protect from hacker attacks. The system works in such way:

  • When the amount of bitcoins comes to exchanges, it mixes with the bitcoins of other users
  • The mixing breaks the connection between the address and the addressee
  • In the end, it is impossible to track the sender.